NYC 5Rhythms Class

“Put your psyche in motion, and it will heal itself.”
– 5Rhythms® founder Gabrielle Roth

The 5Rhythms® — Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness®– are a map for integrating body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit. Together they embody the Wave, a movement meditation designed to release the dancer in us all, regardless of age, shape, size, limitations or experience.

Using music from around the world, this freestyle dance/movement practice helps us navigate the constant change in our lives, express ourselves clearly and shed what we don’t need, so we live more consistently from a peaceful, yet free, place within us. It’s a workout for the body and spirit and can catalyze deep healing. Generally, we explore:

  • Reconnecting with our bodies in Flowing,
  • Expressing ourselves clearly in Staccato,
  • Dissolving what holds us back in Chaos,
  • Dancing with our originality in Lyrical, and
  • Detaching/being in balance in Stillness

Wear exercise clothes you can sweat in and bring a bottle of water. We dance barefoot or in dance/jazz shoes. No chewing gum, socks, or perfume/oils/cologne on the dance floor.

For specific classes, visit:www.5Rhythms.com

See you on the dance floor!