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by | Aug 27, 2018 | Creativity

Welcome! I’ll do what I can to inspire you to create and express yourself by sharing tips, books, and my process with dancing, writing, and art.

For a long time, I didn’t pursue my artistic passions as a profession. I spent years being the good employee, the good daughter, the good friend. I may have looked good on the outside, but inside, things festered. I felt a lack of passion when creativity wasn’t present in my daily life.

To address this, I first turned to dance and movement – or maybe returned to the teen “me” that used to dance in the four-by-four space in front of my bathroom mirror! Then, I picked up my life-long desire to write and gave myself the structure of writing and poetry classes. Finally, on my path in life, I have a deep confidence in what this movement/art combination has given me and a desire to share that joy with you.


I offer dance and movement classes infused with writing and art-making.

Movement unlocks creative pathways. After moving, you’ll be surprised what written prose, poetry or visual art flows from there.

The result: greater trust in your own voice and power and ease in expressing yourself.

I’m excited to meet you on unusual dance floors… I’m planning more programs at art museums and galleries. We move to loosen and sink into the instrument of our bodies, are inspired by the artwork, and respond in our own original ways with words, drawings, or repeated shapes.

In addition, I’m thrilled to debut my book Dancing Poems this Fall. As the name suggests, I wrote these poems after dancing or moving my body, which is exactly what I encourage you to do. I’m planning a book tour of poetry readings paired with dance/museum events across the U.S.A.

Come join me – moving and grooving, writing and drawing, traveling and learning!




Margaret Wagner Dancer, poet, artist. Catalyst for your creative spirit. Award-wining travel writer. Founder, WRITE IN THE BEAT, Certified Open Floor and 5Rhythms® dance/movement teacher.


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